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Old bites? New bites? How do you tell?

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  1. stylinmama21

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Mon Sep 11 2017 11:54:10

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    Hi! I'm wondering how to know if the bites are old or new. 4/5 of us don't react. Only my 3 year old does. She has about 100-150 bites on her arms and legs. What I'm wondering is, is there a way to tell old ones from new ones? The PCO was here on the 5th for the first treatment, but I never saw any bugs before that (except for one baby nymph that took me 3+ hours of searching one bed to find lol) and haven't seen any since either (granted I haven't spent the same amount of time looking as I did the first time).

    Is there a way to tell old bites from new ones? I thought about circling each one but I don't think she'll sit still long enough for that procedure. 😂

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