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  1. Buggernet

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    Posted 3 months ago
    Fri Sep 15 2017 18:16:18

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    I found the initial infestation in July. Tried to treat it on my own. First thing I did wrong. It was in my son's room. We threw out his bed and he slept in the livingroom until the new bed was delivered. Second thing I did wrong. We threw out his dresser, his bed and a lot of junk in the meantime. The dresser was in the yard for about three weeks until we tore it down and threw it out. Third thing we did wrong.
    My son then went to the spare room because the couch was not comfortable anymore. Fourth wrong thing.
    Finally, one night I was sitting on the couch (which I waited a few weeks before sitting on it because..."just in case") and got horribly bit up. I jumped up and looked at the arm of the couch and BAM. We are infested again. So, thinking it was most likely carried into my room because I would fall asleep on the couch, wake up and go to bed.
    So, I treated the couch, my bed and room. Fifth thing wrong.
    Threw the couch out, and pulled out the wicker furniture. (number 6)
    First right thing I did was call the exterminator. He came over, checked things out. He confirmed there was evidence of it. (ya i know that) and said all that treating I did is only going to make his job harder. But he said he can do it. And throw the wicker furniture out. They love that stuff. (meh)
    He said, where do you work? And I told him. He said "you have to tell your job".
    I put that off. #7.
    He came over and sprayed on Wednesday. I took a sick day. I wasn't feeling well anyway, but it was to get the cats somewhere and also be able to go wash the bagged stuff right away.
    I slept wonderfully that night. I felt yes, we are on our way. I wanted to tell them at work what is going on, but I thought...what are the chances it's here too? #8
    Today, while at work, one crawled across my hand.
    I excused myself and went to HR and bawled my eyes out.
    She was SO supportive and SO understanding and SO not judgemental.
    But now, I have to take time off until this gets taken care of in my home. I have to take 4 weeks of sick time. And my guess is they have to treat it there too. I cannot come back until I have written proof from my exterminator that it is done and I am bug free.
    If I had called an exterminator at the beginning, and treated it then and not let him move around the house, we could have contained it into one room. That would have cost way less than buying new furniture and throwing out countless mementos and other things.
    So now, I am going to burn up my sick time. At least I will get paid time off, but at what cost?
    I could have nipped it in the bud with one phone call.
    I am so embarrassed. So stressed. So tired. And so over this.
    My son, the one who brought them in, doesn't seem to get it. I have made him pay for stuff. He is 21. He works full time. He has no other bills. Pay this 900.00 bill. And my car now too.
    What a mess. And here I thought I could do it myself..nope.
    I am a wreck.
    Two weeks get another treatment too. Maybe Monday they can come do my car. In the meantime, I think I will be staying home. A lot.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 3 months ago
    Sun Sep 17 2017 0:46:47

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    Sorry you're dealing with this, but it will get better. It should get better each time you're treated, until they're all gone.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. Buggernet

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Sun Sep 17 2017 12:08:30

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    Thanks. I appreciate that. It's exhausting. And I think too much.
    I had a rough night sleeping the other night. Thought for sure they were crawling all over me. I washed my sheets and vacuumed a little. Just the walk areas. I felt better. Slept more soundly last night.
    I am hoping this will be over once they treat it. I have had two bites since the treatment, but they were from my car. I did all my running around yesterday. Not getting in my car again until they treat it.
    Yesterday I found shed skin on my dash. ew.
    I can't wait until this is over.

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