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No sight of bugs but still got bites

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  1. Sahara

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Sun Jul 28 2013 17:34:34

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    I've been reading this for months. I thought I have had bed bugs in February this year. Actually, I've had bites since October when I came back from Machu Pichu in Peru and I thought it was allergies until I started going out with a guy in December and he has had bites all over after two months. So I went to a dermatologist. I had a biopsy and he said it's from insect bites: bed bugs, fleas or scabies. So I decided to go with a pest control company. He came with a dog which alerted my bed, my boyfriend's bed at his place. So we had chemical spray. I had it three times. The fourth time, the pest control came with the dog, who identified the suitcase and my roommate's coffee table. I told the manager of the apartment. She didn't do anything. All this time, I have never seen any live bug. I've had up to five bites a night. The company never identified any either. No sight of the bug on traps at my place or my boyfriend's. So in May, I went out of the country to Southeast Asia. I got bitten by some ants. The bites were different from what I have had.

    When I got back in July, I moved into a new apartment. I still have bites every night. Some night, I've had 3 but last night I slept in the living room on my couch I got about 10 bites with three bigger ones that were swollen more than the others. I have just encased it with the sofabed with Hospitology dust free mattress cover. My pillows are all encased with the same brand.

    I still can't see any live bug. I put DE all around the four legs of my bed and sofabed and around the corners of the walls. I don't know what I have had of all these months. With 10 bites in one night, I think I should have seen at least one live bug. This apartment doesn't have any carpet on. It's just tiles.

    I don't know if anyone has had this kind of experience when you don't see any traces of bed bug for 10 months and still got bitten. I bought mattress cover, got DE around the place, put all my clothes in garbage bags and live of garbage bags for a week now.

    What could possibly be the explanation of me getting 10 bites the night I slept in the living room?
    Before I moved, I dried my clothes and put them in the garbage bags. Is it possible that they still came with boxes when I moved? I thought I saw some black specks at the bottom of my laundry basket and sometimes from washing my suitcases, luggage, chairs with boiling water in my bathtub. I've done a lot but still get more bites. I have spend close to 1000 dollars on my medical bills and pest control (400 USD for 3 treatments). They wanted to charge me another $80 for the last visit with a dog. But I still get more bites after I moved.



  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 8 months ago
    Mon Jul 29 2013 13:40:34

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    Black specks (which can be moved or lifted) might be flea feces. Bed bug fecal tends to stay put. So maybe try the DIY flea trap here.

    If you had bed bugs at home for ten months, you (or an experienced human inspector) should be able to find signs of bed bug fecal stains. Dog alerts in and of themselves aren't that reliable, experts here seem to agree the inspector should follow up by finding visual evidence of bed bugs.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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