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Moving Without Bringing Bed Bugs to Your New Place !

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  1. P Bello

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Wed May 15 2013 9:31:06

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    Dear Folks,

    This information is being posted in response to a specific query but for the benefit of others with similar concerns.

    When moving from a bed bug infested home to a new home/apartment/condo/etc. IT IS POSSIBLE to do so without bringing bed bugs with you !

    Some comments on this subject for your review and concisderation:

    > Firstly, know where, how and what to look for regarding bed bugs including: fecal stains, eggs, shed skins, carcasses and live bugs.

    > The underlying basic concept is this: Be sure ANY item being packed up for the move is bed bug free prior to transportation to your new place.

    > Be sure your moving truck, trailer, etc. is bed bug free.

    > Be sure your new place is bed bug free.

    > Do you have to throw away your infested or suspect furniture or other stuff? No, not necessarily but, you will need to be able to render such furniture and other items 100% bed bug free prior to the move.

    > Can bed bugs "hitch a ride" on me or my clothing? Yes. As such, you will need to be careful when conducting your bed bug elimination and packing up work. Using a complete change of clothes for such purposes so that you can remove your suspect bed bug contaminated clothing.

    > Be sure to completely remove and seal such suspect clothing into a plastic bag for subsequent laundering and/or heat treatment in a dryer.

    > Carefully inspect and treat your furniture thoroughly to assure these items are 100% bed bug free.

    > Viable treatment methodologies include but may not be limited to: vacuuming, steaming, cleaning, direct insecticide applications, use of sealing into a treatment space for vapor insecticide treatment, heat treatments and other methodologies.

    > Be sure to inspect and treat everywhere such that no bed bugs or eggs are missed.


    > Understand that you will need to be able to dismantle furniture and other items such that you will be ale to access the areas where bed bugs may harbor (hide), travel and deposit their eggs. This dismantling work may require the use of various hand tools.

    > Be thorough and you will be successful !

    > If you can afford a pro, good for you. However, you will need to assure that your chosen pro is thorough and stands behind his work.

    > if you cannot afford a pro, it's not the ned of the world, you will simply have to do the lion's share of the work yourself.

    > Remember, if your mindset is to regard bed bugs like the movies "The Andromeda Strain" or "Contagion", where if you get infested (infected) by bed bugs you die in a few days, then you'll likely adopt the proper mindset to be as thorough as you need to be to successfully remediate your bed bug problem !

    Good luck to all, hope this helps ! paul b.

  2. AbsolutelyFreaking

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Wed May 15 2013 10:13:42

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    Thanks P Bello!

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