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Moving soon, very little money, need help.

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  1. itchyinohio

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Mon Jun 27 2011 11:34:00

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    Ok, long story short we have a major bed bug problem. We have been using the powder diatomaceous earth and it helped once but somehow we got re-infested (with live with family, we have upstairs and they down, they refused to retreat) (ignorance on their part they don't think that have a problem). The bugs are back hardcore.

    We are planning on moving in a short few weeks. I have already planned on not taking our bed.
    Our son has a waterproof fitted sheet and a BB mattress cover on his mattress (taking that off and taking the mattress but buying new covers) I have a crib that is BRAND new hardly 6 month old I want to take but not sure what I can use to clean it. We have been using rubbing alcohol to kill any we see. What can I use to kill any possible eggs on the crib (it's wood).

    I am only taking clothes which I have washed in hot water and dried 1 hr. No sheets, no blankets. Getting all new (well used from family outside this home and BB free)

    Planning on getting rid of 90% of my kids toys, ONLY sentimental stuffed animals will be dried and bagged. All books and games, unless unopened (those will be cleaned with alcohol)

    We have one laptop, one desktop and a LCD tv. I have NO clue what to do to clean them.

    Any ideas what I can do to NOT take them with us. I am so freaking sick of these bugs and itching. My poor kids are getting eaten alive as am I and my hubby. We can't afford all these expensive things and already getting hand me downs just to move away from the BB, as well as government assistance.


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