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Mobile Heat Treatment Works?

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  1. budbegs

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Tue Jun 7 2016 11:45:24

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    I have a mild infestation of bed bugs at my current home, my landlord is refusing to spend money on an exterminator.

    I'm wondering if moving truck heat treatments (PCO said bring a uhaul truck, and he'll use the HEAT ASSAULT) are effective.

    I plan on renting out a u-haul and having an exterminator heat it for 4-5 hours

    I'll only be moving electronics, clothes, books, cooking utensils, and various small items.

    I was told by some exterminators that this treatment isn't effective is this true?

    I have around 10 garbage bags worth of belongings. Should they be in boxes?

    Thanks a lot.

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