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Microfiber couch

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  1. livinginahorrorfilm

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    Posted 9 years ago
    Sat Sep 13 2008 22:55:38

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    At the risk of sounding uneducated or immature I must vent! I call it a vent as I can not imagine any solution to this issue! My couch now makes what can only be described as farting noises! Yes, you heard me, and I hope you can laugh, as I am trying to aswell. But just find myself bitter.

    This has come about since it was treated. I know this for sure because we placed our dining room chairs on our love seat - so it was not treated (the PCO already gave me heck - I know, but only had 2 days to prepare and was not sure what was going to happen or what I was doing) Anyways, they are not squeeking, creeking or just making like a rub noise that can often be heard with cheap leather. It is perhaps close to the sound of cheap leather.....but way more closely resemble a good ol' toot. It is actualy very loud! I am trying to find the humour in this....really I am. But it is sooo bad - my couches made no noise at all before. The love seat still does not! Now this is driving me nuts! They are one year old and cost $2500 for the two peices. I know this may not seem like a lot to some people.....but I just wonder now what is the point in saving them. Like if we had guests come over....for certain someone whoudl shift, hear the fart noise and make a comment about my couches!.....and I will be all to reminded and personally embarrased why.

    I suppose this may me just optimistic that one day I will feel like my couches are free of the bloody things and that I can have guests.....

    I am really getting mad now!

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