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Looking for any suggestions to get rid of with carpet beetles

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  1. tami869

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Jan 11 2018 13:32:46

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    A little background to my situation.... I found carpet beetle larve 5 months ago and at that point I ripped up carpets and started spraying with ortho spray that is sold at home depot. I went through my whole house and threw out everything that I no longer had use for that took me over 20 years to accumulate. Ive even gone as far as ripping off our baseboard along the floors. I have decluttered the whole house. I sweep the edges of all rooms in my home and vacuum every room daily. I check the canister after cleaning each room and that is where I end up finding the larve and skins. I do not have an accumilations of lint or dog hair since I clean daily. We hired an exterminator 4 months ago who sprays monthly and also monitors traps he has put down. I am going above and beyond to get rid of these pests and have failed to fully eradicate them. Any suggestions? Is there possibly anything I am missing? I know they say tou need to find the source but we havent been able to. The only thing we havent done is ripped up carpeting on the basment which is a family room. The only thing I can come il with is that they may be living in the walls or in our hot water radiators of our baseboard heat. My house is in shambles and Im having a difficult time with this. My family isnt bothered by any of this. Im the meantime im dealing with anxiety and panic attacks over all of this. Im upset that this has such a control over my life. I should be stronger... thanks for any suggestions you may offer.

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