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Just treated for Bed I need to replace my mattress?

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  1. JNYC82

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Oct 20 2010 17:21:05

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    About a week ago, my roommate and I started noticing stains on our sheets. Neither of us were reacting to bites, but since we know not everyone reacts, we hired a bed bug inspection company to bring in a dog to inspect. Sure enough, the dog detected bed bugs arounds our beds and in our closests in the bedrooms.

    We've since had the rooms treated with both cryonite and spray and cleaned all the clothes, bags, sheets in the infected areas (clothes not going back in the rooms until after the second treatment). The exterminator said that we did not need to replace the mattresses or spray them with anything; he said that mattress encasements would be enough. I already had them, so he said to just leave them on. My roommate has since purchases them.

    My question is whether or not we should replace the mattresses anyway? I got encasements last year because my office building had bed bugs, and I wanted to be safe. However, for all I knew, I already had some bed bugs to begin with. Should I be concerned that they may have gotten out of my bed if I already had them? Is treatment around the encased beds enough? The encasements were quite expensive ones that I got from Protect-a-bed. Should I steam treat the mattresses in addition to the treatments in the room? When the dog inspects again, will he be able to tell the difference between bugs trapped in the encasement and ones that aren't?

    Also, I had another question on shoes. Is there a good way to treat shoes when they can't go in the dryer? What if I used a blow dryer inside the shoes to kill any possible bugs in there?

    Would love any advice!

  2. Winston O. Buggy

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Oct 20 2010 17:51:08

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    The use of bed bug certified mattress encasement's is enough. Don't add to your loss. Two of the most widely accepted bed bug proof ones are, Protecta Bed & Mattress Safe. Sleep tight.

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