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Just Found First Live Bug!! Is it Getting Worse?

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  1. bbugophobic

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Oct 13 2010 23:05:10

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    So, I went to place a clean fitted sheet on my youngest son's bed, and turned his pillow over. Thank goodness for white linen, because as I picked up the pillow, I noticed a bug on his white blanket. I almost missed it as I wasn't in "inspection" mode.

    Anyway, I captured it on tape, and showed it to my hubby. He believes me now. I used alcohol to kill it, which felt great, btw. I texted the PCO, who's coming in for the 3rd treatment on Friday. He said that it's common to find adults after treatment, but the gentrol he used will prevent breeding. Only problem is this was NOT an adult. Maybe a 4th instar nymph?

    Does this sound right to you guys? Is gentrol effective on bbs? Does finding them in son's room after two treatments when they were not there before mean it's getting worse? This is supposedly a light infestation.

    OMG, I really need this to be over. Wish I could trust my landlord's PCO, but I don't think he knows that much about bbs. Thanks in advance.

  2. KillerQueen

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Thu Oct 14 2010 1:14:38

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    ahhhhhhh bbugophobic!!!

    Not good to see bugs on the bed. The chemicals you mention should not be on the bed, and that would mean there is nothing to stop them from staying on the bed once they get there. Let me know if you want me to ID it via email with a photo just to be sure it is what you think.

    Sorry to hear the news ... I have to stop thinking about people .. I was just thinking a few hrs ago about you and was hoping you were good since I didn't hear from you.

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