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Is Peru buggy?

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  1. nikki

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Thu Sep 20 2012 22:01:58

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    The post below is the 3rd recent report I've heard of people having bedbugs when they return from Peru. Is something going on there? Do any of the professionals know?

  2. Koebner

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Fri Sep 21 2012 6:08:40

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    Nothing is "going on down there" that isn't going on in Colorado, Ohio, Utah, Florida, Maine & any other State you care to mention. Go to the page & you'll find a Clustrmap showing where this site's traffic comes from. Now bear in mind that this site is picking up mainly english speakers, so when you see a country that's under-represented on that map, you're not seeing evidence of bug-free life, but of other language groups (& potentially, different levels of internet access).

    In short, it's pretty much the same all over.

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