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ID potential fecal stain

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  1. boronia

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    Sat Jan 6 2018 16:25:26

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    So this is a follow up ID, the first was here: which turned out to be carpet beetles larvae. Following some vigorous vacuuming and putting out all my clothes in the sun, I haven't noticed signs of new CB but I have been keeping an eye on my pin prick bumps.

    Now I know hairs on CB larvae can cause skin reactions in some people and I don't know if that is me but I have seen adult CBs hanging around my window sill for a few years now and I know I have never itched to this extent that it would keep me up at night. So I have been doing daily checks of my sheets and pillows and this morning found what might be fecal stains and would like some ID help. Here's the link:

    In my last thread I detailed how I got my first rash and when it began itching (5th night at airbnb, was out bushwalking, looked more like allergies) but the new bumps that show up, although not all of them itch, they are more in the pattern of bed bug bites - either singly, in twos or threes, spaced about 1-2cm apart. I have a few on my neck, shoulder and arms, near my belly button, on my chest, shins, and thighs.

    I have spoken to a local PCO and the person M I spoke to was very soothing and reminded me that there are many reasons for itches, especially in the summer (we're on the other side of the hemisphere here) and to call her up in 2-3 weeks time if I still feel like there's a problem. Mainly being that if one or two bugs had hitched a ride with me and I had been home for 4 days, she likely wouldn't have turned up anything. Depending on your thoughts of the stains in the photos, I might call her up sooner...

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