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i know that I'm being bitten by something, just not what.

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    Mon Aug 24 2009 20:19:24

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    People react differently to bed bugs. And they're reactions will be different in different locations of their body. But would my reaction match the reaction I had from a previous infestation?

    That's my problem right now: every week or so I'm waking up and finding a new bite -- but it's not as bad as the bed bug bites I've had (itching for days, raised, itching, little red pin-pricks in a line, itching. did I mention the itching?) but these are raised and red when I first get them and itch but then they stop itching and mellow out. The red spot will be there for hours, but just becomes a red spot; it looks like I might have just been bruised. Once I realized that I had a bite on my leg only because I ran my hand over that spot otherwise I would have gone all day without being none the wiser.

    However, I've felt being bit once by whatever it is that is biting me. No, really, one moment I was lying in my bed and felt this tingling sensation (not the phantom oh-my-god-what's-that-crawling-on-me aftermath of a bed bug infestation but a weird something's brushing up against me feeling) and a few minutes later I get up and yeah, another bite. (I'm adding this only because it's funny, well, that can't be because of a bed bug, she says as she feels something, because you don't feel bed bugs!)

    There solitary bites. I might have more than one in a night (like last Saturday) but they are no where near each other (for instance on my leg and on my elbow, but similar reactions).

    I've checked my bed (nothing! no dirt, nothing that could be mistaken for dirt), checked my apartment and found a cast skin from "a bed bug" although I have realized that it's a wood beetle (I have seen bed bugs alive, and while the cast skin of a wood beetle looks similar there are differences. Also a second dead, wood beetle has been found.)

    I'm just wondering if anyone has a clue as to what's biting me? It's consistent but not itchy. And yes, I know, I know, find a good PCO and get them to check the apartment out for my own sanity. I just need to wait for my roommate to come back from Brazil because I want the PCO to explain to her why all the preparation is necessary because when I was getting eaten alive by bed bugs last year she refused to help and I can't go through that again, steps to take to avoid bed bugs, and if he finds evidence to point it out to her.

    Any recommendations for a great PCO in Brooklyn?

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