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i feel like im going crazy(just venting)

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    Thu Nov 17 2011 13:57:22

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    about a month ago i found out that i had bed bugs since may ive been experiencing itching and mosquito looking bites i did some research and and saw that bed bug bites look similar to mosquito bites so i immidiatly thought i had and infestationeven though i didnt see any evidence i washed alll my bedding mattress encasement(its a regular mattress cover) and clothes brushed off my mattress and wiped my bed frame down with alcohol i also dusted and cleaned my apartment i told my landlord and 2 weeks later she sent an exterminater to do a check he did a thorough check and couldnt find anything he just told me to look out because in order for him to do a treament he has to see some type of evidence if not the bed bug itself so i kepted a look out each night even stayin up every once in a while the bumps would go away and they would stay a away for a few weeks but then they would come back again(the bumps arent in clusters or a line its just one or 2 on spread apart on random parts of my body and they dont really itch alot) now 4 months later i finally found a bed bug crawling on my bed early in the morning while i was changing the sheets i showed it to my landlord and she then scheduled an exterminater to do a few treaments to my apartment again i still havent found any evidence if it wasnt for me showing her i probably wouldnt have gotten treated they gave me 3 and since them i havent seen any but i also have other issues going on i am in a wheelchair(i feel like they are crawling around in my wheelchair also) so i cant really do much for myself and i have contruction going on around the exterior and interior of my apartment so there is a heavy amount of dust coming in(again this has also been since end of may) my skin has been red and itchy all over not just the parts where the bumps are im so worried i still have bed bugs i dont know if its the dust or if its old bites that are flaring up for the most part i get them in the same place although i feel like i have a bump on the back of my neck right under my hairline i also have a dog i havent seen anything unusual with her apart from the typical scratching her ears i take her to the groomers every month and she hasnt had any problesm with fleas (they give flea baths if there were )i rememeber when my bestfriend told me her and her husband had bedbugs and how stressed out they were over it i used to think she was overreacting but now i understand having bed bugs really does effect you mentally/psychologically i feel like they live

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