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Hundreds of bites from someone else's house, are they here??!

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  1. thisisacrisis

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Sat Jul 15 2017 0:33:06

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    This is the worst thing that's every happened to me... timing could not be worse. Anyway... PLEASE HELP ME...

    I stayed at someone else's house 2 separate nights (a few days apart) last week. The last time was now 7 days ago. This person also stayed at my house twice in the past week, the last time 3 nights ago. I woke up yesterday morning (so 5 days after I had been at his house and 1 night after he had been at mine) COVERED in bed bug bites. I didn't know they were bed bug bites at the time because this has never happened to me and I have never seen this before... but I went to the doctor and that's what the doctor thought, along with other possibilities... so I asked this person if he had anything going on like this and he then told me that 5 days ago after I left his house he discovered bed bugs on his bed and DIDN'T TELL ME and then came to my house a few nights later... (horrible thing to do).

    My bites definitely look like bed bug bites based on what I've seen online. The doctor also thought they were bed bug bites. They are in clusters of 3 mostly, they are in a linear pattern down both my arms, my back, both sides of my body, my legs, and my feet. They are very itchy. I have always been VERY SUSCEPTIBLE to any kind of bug bite--with mosquitoes or fleas I will get very large bites/reactions when other people get very small bites or nothing at all.

    The thing is-- I have over 150 bites. I can't even count them all. I obviously panicked and searched my apartment (I live in a very small studio) for any trace of a bed bug. I searched my mattress, box spring, and bed frame. I looked everywhere and FOUND NOTHING. I told my building manager and she had an exterminator come. He searched and FOUND NOTHING.

    My main question is-- is it likely or possible at all that I have all these bites from the 2 nights I was at this other person's house, and that there are no bugs/eggs/anything in my apartment? Please tell me this is possible. It's very strange that no evidence of bugs has been found by me or an exterminator in my apartment because 1) I have hundreds of bites, 2) these bites all appeared over night when I was in my bed at my apartment alone, and 3) I think I got more bites last night, or at least more bites appeared then were there yesterday, again when I was home in my own bed.

    I know it's possible for bites to appear days later on some people. But why would it seem like I got more the next day if there is nothing biting me in my apartment? Is it more likely that there are bugs biting me even though the exterminator found no evidence of them? Also, the exterminator sprayed today even though he found no trace of bugs... hopefully I won't get any more bites tonight. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

    Please, please help me. Thanks.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Sun Jul 16 2017 0:02:35

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    Sorry about all that.

    You can be getting bite reactions a week or maybe even longer after being bitten by bed bugs as I noted in your other thread. However, you're right to be concerned that you may have brought some home or the guest may have. You're not likely to have brought enough bed bugs home to have gotten 150 bites, so I would assume most if not all were from the trip. If you were there for several nights, it makes sense the appearance of skin reactions would take several nights too-- and we don't know a lot about bed bug bite reactions, but it's possible they may appear over a longer time.

    Remember that bed bugs defecate every time they feed. If they are biting now, in your home, you may have had only a one or a few new bites, and the fecal stains may be hard to find. In time, they will become more plentiful and easier for an inspector to find.

    I recommend using monitors (e.g. Packtite Passive) and having another professional inspection in a week or so if new skin reactions continue to appear.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  3. IckIck

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    Posted 11 months ago
    Sun Jul 16 2017 0:46:18

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    I just want to say I'm so sorry you are having this experience. And I'm so sorry about the bad timing too - I know I am feeling lucky that this is "good" timing for us to be having bed bugs and I can only imagine how much more difficult it would be if the timing was terrible. Also the emotional aspect of spending time with someone and then finding out they didn't tell you must be hard and upsetting.

    I echo what Nobugsonme said above about the likelihood that you got the bites at his place and are having a delayed reaction. I have only a had a few bites (approximately 1-2 each night) but one of them was worse the second day and had a kind of halo around it. I am someone who is reactive to allergens, which I mention because it seems like people who are generally more allergic have more severe reactions. But 150 bites is so many, I really feel for you. I am sleeping in long sleeves and long pants tucked into socks to limit the bites and have gotten bitten on my hands and neck, hopefully they keep avoiding my face. Just mentioning that in case it would help you to feel more secure in your own bed. But good news is there was no evidence in your apartment. It might be wise to wash and dry your bedclothes and any shoes or bags you had at the other person's house, frequently, clear any clutter, vacuum, and get a monitor. Also I know it's so horrifying - it may not help right now but I am sharing my perspective in case it helps you at all, which is I try to keep remembering I am not being bombed in Syria or starving in Yemen. I am glad you have a a building manager that takes the problem seriously and who acted quickly to get you help. Please know that even if you have one bug in your apartment you will be able to get through this and get rid of them and not have a horrible giant infestation.

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