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How to treat infected electrical outlets

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  1. canucker

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Mon Apr 2 2012 20:40:36

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    I've got a question for the experts out there....

    I've been dealing with a bed bug problem for months now. The initial infestation was a bad one, because I do not react to the bites, and had no idea the bugs were there until they were well established and I started seeing them in daylight.

    I've had my place treated six times now. 4 by one company, and then I had a dog come thorugh, and it indicated a couple of remaining hot spots in the walls. I switched to a new pest company at that point because I had concerns about the first company's methods, and the new one has now sprayed twice, the last time over a month ago. I just had the dog through again, and it indicated two remaining hot spots, both being electrical outlets in my bed. But those were indicated earlier as hotspots, and I directed the pest control officer to give them proper attention. I of course removed the faceplates before treatment.

    My question is about the best way to reach and eliminate bugs that might be in the walls around these outlets, since the treatment done so far has not been completely successful. Perhaps the poison is not reaching them? I've got my PCO coming back later this week. I am wondering if I should poke or drill a couple of holes in the drywall a short distance from the plugs, to let the guy spray some insecticide directly into the wall space. Is there value in that? I would seal the hole back up after the spraying is done. Is there something else I can do, specifically for the electrical outlets?

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