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How often do PCO treatments actually work?

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  1. FearOfSleep

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Sun Dec 7 2014 22:31:01

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    Hi everyone, sorry for asking so many questions but I'm getting fairly anxious about my problem. I'm having a PCO come in soon to spray my apartment. I keep reading stories of people treating and never fully getting rid of the bugs, or people who have them recur a few months later, or people who move after a seemingly successful treatment and somehow carry them to the new place. Is this normal? Can bed bugs ever be fully eradicated from a home? Sorry if this is a bad question, I'd just like to know where I stand for the future.

  2. buggyinsyracuse

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Mon Dec 8 2014 9:52:11

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    Yes. More often than not they do work. Check out the success stories on this board. Mine worked, and in all honesty, everyone else that I know who has had them got successfully treated.

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