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How long until bed bug bites COMPLETELY go away?

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Tue Jul 17 2012 18:45:36

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    I just saw the first signs of bites exactly seven days ago. At first, they were just tiny bites and they weren't very itchy but as the days went by, they started to itch so much and I found that almost half my arm was covered in bed bug bites. My skin's reaction was severe as it was super itchy and the bites were swelling and my skin around it was red. Now, they're not as red anymore but are kind of turning into a shade of brown. Does this mean that they are healing or are scarring?

    How long did it take before your bed bug bites completely went away?

    alsoo I have a couple of bites on my palm and although they aren't red and don't itch anymore, they seem to be filled with liquid.. Should I be worried? Are they ever going to go away? Is this a sign of infection? My hands do sweat a lot and for the past few days that's what I've been thinking as the cause of it but now I don't know what to think anymore!

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