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How long should I wait?

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  1. jrcrets

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Mon Jun 19 2017 7:45:39

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    How long should I wait between spraying? Wednesday was the 3rd time I've had my apartment sprayed for bed bugs. In the past my building managers have told me to let them know if I still have the problem after two weeks but this morning, about 5 days later I woke up with bites again. Should I have them send the PCO out again or just wait until 2 weeks are up? Does it make a difference?

    I'm also worried I'm maybe not doing enough. Part of my problem is I have a really large dvd collection in bookshelves. I live in a small studio apartment and have abkut 6 bookshelves and so nowhere to put them. The PCO told me to just empy the ones closest to the bed, so I empty the ones on that side of the room, but am I making the problem worse by not emptying all of them? I honestly have idea no where to put them though if this is the case.

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