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How long for bites to heal?

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  1. nobugs4me

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Tue Sep 14 2010 10:26:17

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    My family and I were likely exposed on vacation - going on 3 weeks ago now. We were quite nervous that we brought them home - but it currently is looking promising that we didn't (thanks to lots of garbage bags and our washer and dryer).

    Anyway, my daughter and I (the 2 main victims) still have many of our bumps. Hers have decreased in size - but are almost all still there. Thankfully, the itchiness has mostly dissipated (altho' we still have occasional re-flares, which I understand are normal). Is it normal for it to take this long for them to heal? My daughter is 3 and her skin usually heals very quickly - and she's been a champ about not scratching - it's just these tiny raised bumps left all over her skin.

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