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how long do bites take to come up/subside?

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  1. itches

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Wed Mar 16 2011 20:52:06

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    I had bedbugs once four years ago. During final exams, it sucked.
    I was at my friend's house 8 days ago. I saw a bedbug crawling accross her pillow. I didn't have the heart to tell her. I slept the night there. When I got home I took off my shoes outside, rolled up my pants, went into the bathroom and stripped, showered, all those clothes went straight into a plastic back, sealed and done.
    12 hours later the bites started to come up. Over 50 bites came up that first night, big itchy welts (far worse than I remember the bites being 4 years ago). The bites kept coming for the next couple days. Now it's been over a week. The first wave of bites is subsiding, but I feel like new bites are still coming out. In all I have over a hundred bites on me.
    So the question is: could all these bites be from that night at my friend's house? Is there such a thing as a delayed reaction to bed bugs. Is it possible to react to some bites sooner and some later? Or would this pattern imply that I somehow managed to bring these beasts into my home? Please help, I'm going mad!
    P.S. I already broke the news to my friend on that first day as soon as I started to see the bites come up.
    -Thanks for any advice

  2. jrbtnyc

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Fri Mar 18 2011 9:10:55

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    It's frequently said that bite reactions vary all over the lot as to their characteristics, the time it takes them to appear, and whether there's any reaction at all. Therefore the experts all seem to agree you can't diagnose bed bugs from bite reactions alone. There's always a possibility it's something else such as mosquitoes, fleas, mites, scabies, lice, prickly hairs on carpet beetle larvae, poison ivy, folliculitis, allergies, psychosomatic, etc.. In the instance you describe, the fact that you sighted an actual bb (and you know exactly what they look like due to your previous unwelcome familiarity with them, is that correct) means you can have *some* confidence at least in the diagnosis that you might not necessarily have otherwise.

    My non-expert guess is that, because you took such thorough precautions on arriving home, you may have succeeded in not bringing bugs home with you and that all the bite reactions you're experiencing are from bites you received at your friend's place. Something which doesn't get pointed out as often as it should be is that not only do bite reactions vary among humans, but also, the *bugs themselves* vary which could be one factor as to why some of your bite reactions started appearing later than others did. Also, bites on one part of you might not necessarily elicit reactions after the same amount of time as bites on another part of you. Also, if bug A bit you just when you fell asleep, that reaction would tend to appear sooner than a reaction from bug B which bit you hours later just before you were about to wake up.

    So, I hope your bite reactions are finally all subsiding by now and you're not getting any more new ones, thus appearing to confirm you're bug-free in your own home. Please post here to say how this is turning out for you, and also for your friend who is evidently one of those people who don't react to bites at all.

  3. Canuck

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Fri Mar 18 2011 16:43:02

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    From personal experience I can relay - my first bites were small and red, with little itch. Inconsequently really. After 48 hours - gone, but for a slight red tone. Then, 13 days later, swollen and itchy bumps - tiny blisters in the centre. Not painful, just a pain. Took 4 weeks to disappear completely.

    The next time, there was no time delay and went straight to small bumps with tiny blisters within a week. Been 3 weeks and still have a slight raised area with darker red centres.

    Sheree Swindle / certified K9-assisted bed bug inspector

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