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how fail-safe is a good inspection / is this the safest precaution before entry

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    I think most of my questions currently could be answered by this one. For example, i asked about the entryway and how to prevent bugs that fall off your clothes while changing from escaping alive - to address this I have been changing in a plastic pan but it is not a surface that will 100% keep them from crawling out. So you want to watch to see if they run out and have a contact killer handy. You have a white sheet there to see them more easily. If you know what eggs look like, you can scrape them off of items you bring home. I always bring my phone back insdie the home and have not seen any nymphs or eggs in the phone jacks/speaker holes (i think the speaker holes might not be large enough.. but maybe. I might tape over it as I don't use the phone to call people much.

    THe other question I have is about unloading laundry. I tightly knot plastic bags and when you rip them open, you can watch for any falling bugs - though you would probably not want to chase it if it required you to drop the open laundry on the floor. If you rip open the laundry, could you see any of the bugs that got out? what is the safest way to do this? This is a general question of how hard it is to shake bbs from their resting places. I often will shake my sweater/cardigan firmly before going into a place. Is that the most you can do, plus visual inspection?

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