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How Do I Know If Bedbugs Are Gone? (LOSING MY MIND)

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  1. 100PercentTerrified

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Wed Oct 1 2014 22:04:17

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    I live in NYC and have been getting bug bites possibly since July. I know that mosquitoes occasionally found their way into my place but after waking up with with multiple itchy welts every morning (I'm extremely allergic) I began to panic. Since I getting my first bite, I frequently flipped my mattress (which already had a bedbug-proof encasement on it) and searched all the seams in and around my bed, finding absolutely no signs of BBs. Neither my boyfriend, friends or roommate ever got a single bite. Come early September I was waking up with 7+ new bites every morning. I moved all my furniture away from the walls, and a day later found one unfed adult BB crawling over the edge of my bed. I picked it up with a piece of scotch tape, closed it in a jar and called my landlord.
    I immediately packed all my things in plastic bags, returned to my parents house and immediately threw everything, my backpacks, shoes and clothes I had on at my apartment in the drier to prevent spreading whatever degree of infestation I had.
    The Landlord had a POC come and spray twice in a two week period. I was unable to be there when the treatments were done, but I don't know if it was done properly. My roommate and I were never instructed to move our furniture away from the walls (although I did in my room), and I don't think he tried to find the source since I had jarred the one live bug I found. There is exposed brick in both bedrooms where I suspect they were hiding in the cracks, but only the baseboards in MY room appear to be treated at all. I returned to check for dead bugs, and only found two deceased roly-polies.
    I'm still at my parents house, well over an hour away from school and work and because of the bugs, not only have I lost sleep, I'm losing my mind. My roommate is back at the apartment, but I don't know how to tell if the bugs are gone for sure without coming back to be live bait (which I am in no way mentally capable or willing to do.)
    Is there some definitive way to find out? Would a dry-ice trap be effective enough to coax out whatever parasites that might still be hiding?
    Any advice helps, I'm just looking to get back to a bug-anxiety free life.

  2. AbsolutelyFreaking

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Thu Oct 2 2014 9:12:36

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    Hi 100PT

    If you are wanting to monitor an uninhabited room, then I would definitely go with an active monitor instead of a passive/non-active monitor.

    You could go with the DIY CO2 monitors if you like (I think there are a couple of different kinds you can make. I have never tried one so I can't advise on any) . . . but to give you options, there is an active CO2 monitor that runs for 5 to 7 days:

    Also, there is a new product that sells the traps and lure separately . . . however, as it's new, there are no reviews on here yet regarding how good it works . . . or if it works at all (and in your case, I would definitely use it with the lure):

    Just trying to give you some options and let you know that there are tools out there that can help.

    Good Luck!


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