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Help, I want to buy a Pack Tite ASAP can I?

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  1. gloriaBK

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon Jul 5 2010 16:25:05

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    OK, so I definitely want to buy a pack tite.

    Also, I definitely want to buy it through some link on this site because I am under the impression that will help keep alive (and this site has helped us a lot, thanks)

    Here's the problem.
    Cannot buy from
    If I go to pack tite's site - their shopping cart mechanism is broken or incompatible with Macs because I tried with Safari and Firefox and it says my cookies aren't turned on which they were.

    Cannot buy from because they are out of stock. Their next ship day is maybe July 9th

    I am getting treated on Thursday and wanted to use this to get my books and electronics done prior to my PCO coming.

    Any advice on how I can order this today from a company that will give the referral?

  2. DeedleBeetle

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    Posted 7 years ago
    Mon Jul 5 2010 16:57:38

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    That's tough...

    i'm glad PackTite is doing so well...but sorry that you have to wait to get one. July 9th is very soon...and when i ordered mine, it only took 2 days for it to can you bag everything and secure it well and then when you get your PT you'll start at that point to heat your belongings. Perhaps you can use a friend's computer to make the purchase if your MAC won't do it?

    By the'll love your PT...and if i were truly mercenary i would offer you mine....(for ONE MILLION DOLLARS, that is!).

    Seriously, i didn't have my PT before my treatment either but i still made and continue to make good use of it.

    Don't stress out about the delay in shipment. Just go ahead with everything else you can do in the meantime.

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