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Help: got BBs traveling, don't want to spread it!

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  1. testytraveler

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Mon May 15 2017 13:17:16

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    Hi there, THANK YOU in advance for your thoughts or advice.

    So this is my 2nd run-in with these little buggers in 2 years. I am embarrassed to say that while after the first time I was vigilant in searching hotel rooms before I slept there, I eventually got lazy and less paranoid. MISTAKE!!!!!! (PLEASE LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE!!!)

    I stayed at a cheap hotel in Ecuador 2 nights ago and started breaking out in bites midday the next day (I checked out early morning), and now 2 mornings later I am covered in at least 120 bites (new ones are still appearing every so often).

    We took all our clothes (except what we're wearing) to be laundered (didn't have access to doing it ourselves so hoping the wash & dry is hot enough!), and visually inspected the rest of our belongings. We'll change when we get our laundry back, and seal our current clothes in a plastic bag to launder at our next destination.

    Last time 2 years ago, I found a live one on my backpack and then we never had any findings or issues after that. My backpack had been sort of under the bed and I think it just fell or crawled into it.

    This time we didn't find anything on our inspection and hopefully the clothes will be OK. I am hoping and praying that I didn't take the problem with me from that hotel and it's just my own body that is suffering!

    The hotel room was quite small, so my luggage was not next to the bed but it was only a couple feet away, from the foot of the bed. Most of my bites are on the upper body (and a few on the knees), so I'm hoping that they crawled back up to the head of the bed and not towards my luggage. My husband didn't get any bites and his luggage was on his side so hoping he's clear (though maybe he just doesn't react to them...).

    I am thinking, if a stray wanderer ends up in luggage, is it usually an adult that makes such a journey? So that for visual inspection of the bag as long as we looked in all the folds & seams, we should see something moving? I mean, it would be kind of hard and random for an egg to end up in luggage unless an adult made it in there and laid one, right? I know eggs can be tiny and hard to spot but I'm just thinking I should've probably seen something moving? Would tiny babies travel to a new home across the room?

    I'm just concerned because of the sheer number of bites. It must mean the infestation in the room was quite bad, at least a few dozen who maybe hadn't eaten in a while (I'm guessing maybe they had the problem before, treated the room ineffectively, didn't use it for a while, and then we got that room. Just a total guess though.). This means that there's a greater chance of them spreading back out to other parts of the room after a meal? But then again, I've seen photos of many dozens together in one place... Maybe it's possible I got lucky and they all returned to the head of the bed somewhere??

    Thank you thank you thank you, this board is a godsend.

    (p.s. yes I'm sure it's bb's. Many of the bites are in neat rows of 3-4 exactly like they were before. Some bigger, some smaller but very organized. Plus the delayed reaction.))

  2. djames1921

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Tue May 16 2017 15:40:50

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    Be careful with diagnosing off of bites alone. Even in a pattern is not definitive. Also, if you are sensitive to bites it could be that you were actually only fed on by a few bed bugs and then you had a larger reaction. I have a friend who can no longer feed her colony of bed bugs because she breaks out into bite like reactions all over. It sounds like you took reasonable precautions by putting your belongings in a dryer cycle and inspecting. Take reasonable precautions rather than panic as a general rule.

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