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Help! Do I have bed bugs!!??

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  1. aloropallo

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Tue Nov 13 2012 1:58:37

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    I have been fearful I have had bedbugs a little over a week now. It all started when I wore one of my favorite sweaters to work (I work retail in a clothing store) and noticed half way through the day about 4-5 very small bug bites. Deciding it was just a random spider I went home and put the sweater away. About a week later I wore the sweater again and noticed a very itchy bug bite at my wrist again half way through my work day. When I got home I took the sweater off and noticed 4 more bites starting at my armpit and working their way down my arm. At that point I became nervous it was bed bugs. I brought all my bedding and sweaters, coats and pillows down to the cleaners and washed and dried everything (1 hour in the dryer.) I went out and bought some "bed bug" spray from the CVS around the corner and went home and vacuumed and sprayed everything. It had been 3 nights and I awoke this morning with a single bite on my hand. The bites are very itchy and look like mosquito bites. I'm so paranoid, am I freaking out rightfully so? I am calling my landlord tomorrow to ask for a PSC to come spray. To make matters worse my boyfriend is out of town for the week and I have guests coming to stay this weekend. Does anyone have any advice?? I can't get any sleep.

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