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Heat treatment, shed skins found near sealed bags of clothes laundered before

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  1. thebugchild

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Feb 18 2012 2:08:14

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    We had heat treatment done today in our infested apartment. It was at 135 degrees for about 8 hours. Everything seems to have gone well (who really knows though?) but my bags of clean clothes that were sealed prior to the treatment are making me nervous. I left them in the kitchen area, which was a place that didn't have any bugs prior...but now I went to grab the bags and I noticed at least 1 or 2 bed bug skin things from maybe when they shed or whatever.. So that tells me that they were indeed over there. Most of the bags are still sealed nicely (when I push on them, the air doesn't escape), but two of the bags, on the floor, had holes torn in them while the operators worked during the day (I'm assuming). I'm nervous that these may be infested... as well as even the other bags, since i know bed bugs can be tricky!
    Does the heat penetrate these bags very well? They're pretty thin plastic, and flimsy... Would the bugs even have the wherewithal to specifically find those holes and go deep into the clothes?

  2. theyareoutthere

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Sat Feb 18 2012 14:44:19

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    Hopefully an expert will answer soon. i"m OCD so..if I didn't have Packtite Closet... I'd put them in a bag, grab some clean bags (to use after the dryer) and head to a laundrymat with very hot dryers and heat them up for 45 minutes or so. I wouldn't fold them at the laundry and I'd wear very old sweats and shoes that I'd bag up and throw away (in case there is BBS at laundry or in car).

    I'm lucky and do have access to a packtite closet so I'd put the bags in the packtite closet for a while and then hang the items up. I'd even live a little and put them in the closet after they were packtited.

    But, I do overkill. Let's see what an expert says.

    = TAOT
  3. jeffklein

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    Posted 2 years ago
    Mon Feb 20 2012 13:14:11

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    8 hours at 135 is a long time. Depending on what was in the bag and how heavy it was there should have been plenty of time for the heat to penetrate. Also if this was clothing was it put through a dryer before the process? Fans are usually employed to drive heat into cracks and crevices as well as heat load items such as couches and chairs. This sometimes dislodges caste skins and insects blowing them from one area to the next. As long as you have a warranty I wouldnt worry too much about it. (I know easier said then done)

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