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Has anyone successfully built and used a DIY heat chamber?

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    Thu Apr 20 2017 14:59:53

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    I'm considering building a heat chamber out of 2" rigid foam insulation, as described in:

    Title: Economical, Localized Heat Treatment for Control of Bed Bugs infestations
    Authors: Roberto M. Pereira, Philip G. Koehler, Margie Pfiester and Wayne A. Walker
    Institution: University of Florida

    Details can be found here starting at page 61:

    In essence, the box is constructed out of rigid insulation, sealed with duct tape or equivalent, heated with oil heaters, and employs electric fans to ensure the hot air reaches all points in the chamber. You also need to use remote thermometers and/or temp probes to make sure it gets hot enough for long enough. I've read enough about this to know the weakness point is the presence of "cool spots" which will prevent reaching 100% mortality.

    I'm interested in hearing from anyone who can provide advice on how to do this properly. Ideally, I'd like to rent/buy temperature probes and a data logger connected to my laptop, so I can be certain a lethal thermal dose is delivered throughout the chamber.

    Anyone interested in learning more can review the link above, and this thread with comments from users bed-bugscouk and P Bello:

    Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


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