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Had heat treatment 4 months ago, bed bug found in kitchen this weekend

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  1. NewMove

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Mon Feb 25 2013 9:52:05

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    As a first time homebuyer, I purchased an apartment-style condo last summer, and moved in September 2012. My dream of home ownership has been cursed, however. A couple weeks after I moved in, I discovered I had bed bugs. I had a heat treatment in October, and it appeared to be successful. I had nothing at all for months, until just this weekend when I discovered a bed bug walking across my kitchen floor near my cat’s food. My kitchen is not close at all to my bed.

    I had noticed some new bites a couple weeks ago, and was sick at the thought that they could be back. Well, this weekend pretty much confirmed it. I have no evidence though on my bed. No fecal spots, nothing. When I suspected the bites a couple weeks ago, I had my PCO come out to look. He ripped my bed apart; nothing. And I had all of the classic signs the last time around. I am calling my PCO today and having him come out to inspect. It is definitely a bed bug (I captured it in a container), I am just sick at the thought it was found in the kitchen. This seems pretty unusual, and I never ever saw a bug anywhere the last time except in my bedroom. What does this mean?

    This has me literally mentally and physically ill. I have thought of voluntarily foreclosing on this condo (is that even possible? I can’t even believe I’m thinking like this), since I feel it is cursed, or simply abandoning it all together. I know, this sounds dramatic; but this just simply isn’t fair. I want my life back. I’m going on no sleep right now and spent all weekend in tears. Where are these bugs coming from? I hope my PCO has a good answer. I am considering having a K9 come out to inspect and hopefully find the source.

    Has anybody had a similar experience, or at least some ideas as to why this problem doesn’t want to go away?

  2. cilecto

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Mon Feb 25 2013 10:04:04

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    First up, as you have the bug, please (kill the bug with some 90% alcohol and) try and post a high-resolution picture of it (if you have a flatbed scanner, use that to take the pic). There are a few bugs that are very close to BB except for minor details. They also "bite", but treatment for them is somewhat different.

    If you do have BB in your kitchen, that may indicate that they are migrating via utilities from a neighbor. As you're in a condo (where each unit is individually owned), you'll need to consult with your house rules (and perhaps get legal advice) as to what you need to do to get the neighbors to do what they need to to insure that your unit is habitable.

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