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h8bugz: need DIY treatment advice

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  1. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue May 21 2013 18:17:03

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    Moving this:

    h8bugz - 2 hours ago  » 
    I am new to this site .. today is my first day ... I have bed bugs (man, I just felt like I was at an AA meeting) and I am going crazy!!!!
    They started in my oldest son & my nephews bedroom and now have been moved into the other two bedrooms. My son and nephew have sprayed, fogged, and put down massive amounts of DE. Then they were found in my 10 year olds bed (the room next to the oldest son's) so ... we did the same treatment. Now they are in my bedroom and I am FREAKING OUT!!!
    We treated all rooms, floors, mattresse's, living room and the hall ways with a heavy layer of DE followed up with some Ortho pest spray found at the hardware store. Terminex said we should fume the entire house (we gotz termites too) and that would take care of all of the bugs. Im all for that but my hubby is slow to move regarding the cost of the process.
    I need some serious faqs about how to keep them from speading and slowing down the growth until i can afford to get the house fumed. I don't sleep well at all because i am terified of bugs so the thought of a bug, a bug that is VERY hard to kill, in my bed feasting off of my body is making me crazy!! I have read so much and all it does is freak me out even more!
    I have braid extentions and now im afraid they will start living in my extentions!! Please help!!
    Any takers??

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."
  2. P Bello

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Tue May 21 2013 19:10:14

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    Dear _ _ _ ( ? ),

    OK, you have bed bugs.

    Not the end of the world but yes, a lot of aggravation and work to be done but, not impossible.

    Come comments for your review and consideration:

    > Good thing your hubsand (spelled this way on purpose so typo freaks stfu !) is hesitant. Send me a PM on that one.

    > Where are you located, near what large city ?

    > Can you get rid of or control bed bugs yourself? Yes you can but you MUST know what the h#%l you're doing ! The good news is that you can learn what to do here and elsewhere.

    > Note that to kill bed bugs you need to treat where the bed bugs are. Simply coating the floor with DE or some other killer product is not going to kill the bed bugs hiding in your bed, bed frame, mattress, box spring, couch, etc, etc, etc !

    > Where and how products are used is more important, generally speaking, than which product is used.

    > Get a vac equipped with a HEPA type filter and use it to remove bed bugs from accessible harborage areas.

    > Directly treat the harborage areas with a suitable product/insecticide. Note the while DE can work, it is a slow killer.

    Hope this helps, let us know if any additional questions or concerns ! paul b.

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