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Good PCOS in the Michigan Detroit Downriver area?

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  1. destroyallbedbugs

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    Posted 4 months ago
    Sun Oct 1 2017 3:01:08

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    I just recently found out I have bed bugs that came from a distant family member that I allowed to move in since they fell on hard times (and unpacked boxes all over my house!!). I was wondering if anyone knows of any good PCO's in the Detroit area? I heard Orkin was terrible but if anyone has any experiences with them, please share! Thanks

  2. syedz7

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    Posted 3 months ago
    Fri Nov 24 2017 16:45:03

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    I would also like to know. Looking through these forums: I have come across the following Rose, Griffith, Eradico/ehrlich, any one with any experience with these?

    All have bad google reviews and low yelp reviews counts.

    I had to move due to being laid off from upstate NY to Detroit, MI. So I got two vehicles and my apartment head treated by Pro heat from Philly. We were still getting bites. So I rented a 10' ft truck and drove two cars to get treated with Vikane in NYC and then drove it all to Detroit. Now one my vehicles and all my stuff is in storage and I have a car with minimal stuff... and I'm staying at in-laws.

    Me and my wife started getting bites, ... again!

    So we need a good inspector, hopefully a K-9 to smell out the bugs in our cars, stuff, and the new inlaws house and a treatment: residual/chemical.

    Also we need to be able to correctly identify the bites.

    Yes in my previous, previous apartment i caught a live bed bug and after steaming sofa, caught a dead bed bug.

    All this started after I visited my mom's in Chicago back in May of 2016 and she had bugs crawling in the daytime on her carpet. We thought we can escape, its been almost two years, after two moves and alot of money spent, we are still getting bites.

    Any help? I heard Aprehend is now approved, will start asking each PCO if they use it:

  3. thirdusername

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Sat Nov 25 2017 12:51:59

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    I am NOT an expert.
    My opinions are just opinions, they may NOT apply to yours or any situation.
    My advice is to always do a LOT of research.
    A lot of what I read contradicts other stuff on the Interweb.
  4. Brij719

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    Posted 2 months ago
    Sun Nov 26 2017 16:10:28

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    I used Presidio Pest Management in MI last July for heat treatment. They did whole house heatvtreatment with chemical back up. Got rid of them for us and they were very efficient and friendly. Good company!

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