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Going crazy

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  1. ajs22

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Tue Oct 10 2017 20:48:48

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    Thursday I woke up with a couple bites on me that itched like crazy and i didnt give it much thought. Friday I woke up and had several more spots that were crazy itchy and 3 were in a line which i thought was really odd. So i did some research and saw bed bug bites in lines. I felt sick. How could this happen to me? I ran upstairs and threw my covers off and found one tiny little brown bug. I grabbed it and flushed it. I so wish i would have kept it in a bag but i was freaked out. Looking at pictures of bed bugs it didnt look like one, so i dont know.

    Anyway all day Friday i was freaked out. As soon as i got off work i ran to the store and bought sprays, mattress and box spring covers. Went home and sprayed and covered the mattress and box springs. I didnt see ANY signs of bed bugs. Like no markings, no casings, nothing. Then i researched some more because you can never research enough when you think you have bed bugs.

    Saturday morning i woke up and no new bites. But later in the day i noticed two new itchy bumps in a line popped up. Freaked out again i got some of DE. I sprayed that all over the room.

    Sunday no new bites but again later in the day i had a new bump pop up but its not itchy.

    Yesterday again no bites in the morning but last night there was a new bump on the back of my neck which could be from a bug outside because i was outside for 2 hours so i hope thats the case.

    But i cant shake this horrible feeling. This what if i do have them?

    I check my bed every morning looking for any sign. I have kids and thankfully none of them have any bites and their beds also look spotless.

    And if i do have them how? I havent done any traveling. The last person i had in my house for an over night stay was August. The spare bed looks clean as well. And would it really have taken them that long to move into my bedroom? And the kids bedrooms are closer to the spare bedroom i would think they would have stopped in those rooms first.

    Anyway, this site has been great for info on how to treat. And its almost comforting to know others are with you dealing with this nightmare.

  2. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Tue Oct 10 2017 23:24:47

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    Skin reactions in a line doesn't mean bed bugs-- that's a myth. There's no typical pattern that will tell you your skin reaction is from bed bugs. Instead, looking for visual signs is the way to go.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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