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Fundamentals for YOUR benefit !

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  1. P Bello

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Mon Nov 4 2013 7:37:24

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    Dear Folks,

    Reminders of some BB Fundamentals seem in order due to recent situations.

    The following are presented in no order of significance and for your review and benefit:

    > You should absolutely confirm the presence of bed bugs prior to initiating a treatment regimen. By this we mean that you can actually find physical evidence of bed bugs present in your home which includes: shed skins, eggs, live bed bugs and/or bed bug carcasses (i.e. dead bed bugs).

    > Note that above I purposefully did not mention fecal stains. This is so because many lay persons mistake various stains as being related to bed bugs when they are not.

    > Bites alone is not 100% confirmation of an active bed bug infestation.

    > A K9 alert alone is not 100% confirmation without visual confirmation by a human. And, even though I do value and support the use of K9 detection, this is so because of the variance observed in the field in handler abilities and the simple fact that dogs can't talk.

    > Learn and know your rights as a resident/tenant.

    > If someone applies pesticides within your home, under most state regulations, they must provide you with pesticide product labels and a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for each pesticide product applied. This regulatory requirement may be modified under some state regulations such that the LL or management office gets these documents however, you have a right to know what was applied within your home and can request copies of this information. No matter what, state regulations dictate that what, how, where and quantity of pesticide applied within a home is documented.

    > While many residents may hear this, it would be unusual that anything that you did to help yourself against BBs would encumber or harm subsequent professional results. Is it possible for a resident/homeowner to ruin a professional application by doing the wrong things? Yes, but for the most part, the things done subsequently to harm an application would be those things such as cleaning, application of additional pesticides or other such things that would have a direct effect on the residuals applied.

    > It is wise to figure out how you got BBs in the first place and what you need to do to avoid this going forward.

    > You don't need to throw out your furniture simply because it has or had BBs. Remember that you wouldn't get rid of your dog or cat because it had fleas. No, you'd just get rid of the fleas.

    > There are no miracle cures for bed bugs.

    > Yes, it may be difficult to get rid of bed bugs but it is not impossible and it certainly isn't rocket science.

    Hope this helps, have a great day ! paul b.


  2. buggyinsyracuse

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    Posted 5 years ago
    Mon Nov 4 2013 10:22:50

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    Thank you, Paul!

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