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Freaking out

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    Hello Everyone,

    v=I wanted to provide my story in dealing with these monsters. About two years ago, I started to receive red marks on my skin, by the tons. Like all down my arms and back. One day I woke up to find a recently fed nymph on my pillow crushing it cuased the blood to splatter on the pillow. At that point I knew, I was not crazy, no one believed me though, including my room mates. Everyone thought I was crazy because I am OCD, about germs. I had the proof, and I began a regiment of treating it. I was sleeping on a old mattress which I got and replaced with a matress with legs and new box spring, and encased them in mattress protectors. Then I got an applicator for cimexa, and I went to town. Then let it settled before I went back in the room. I have interceptors that I monitored. I put all my clothes in the dryer on high, and threw out my old pillows. and got pillow protectors. Eventually my bites went away, after a few months. I kept applying the cimexa, which I still do every few months.
    I guess at this point, im worried they have returned, but I can't find any evidence of it, except blood, I have long nails that tend to scratch me when I sleep. Any tips to help ease my mind? Recently I found that I had somekind of scratches on the back of my leg near my knee. I guess it could be bites, but each bite is the size of a normal appleseed extremely clustered together. Any ideas to ease my mind?

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