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found bed bugs in one bedroom, how fast will they spread?

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    Posted 8 years ago
    Fri Aug 28 2009 13:40:58

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    I live in a single family house and looks my parents have brought home some bed bugs from their vacation trip 2 months ago. My mom has severe reaction to their bites and she will wake up few minutes after the bite (from discomfort) and catch the bugs right there (normally they are still on her cloth, body, or bed).

    Since she is so sensitive to their bites, at least it made things easy for us to identify that bedroom seems to be the only room in our house with these bed bugs (at least upstairs) She has been sleeping in other bed rooms (and living room) on the same floor and not getting bitten at all. The bugs she caught at night are smaller than poppy seeds, but she can confirm these are bed bugs because you can see blood coming out of the body after you crush them.

    Here are my questions:

    1. If we all decide to sleep in the other rooms in the house (probably other rooms 1 floor downstairs). How far will these bed bugs travel in the house to find new host? What are their normal travel distance from their nest at night? (based on my online reading I assume these bed bugs will just hybrid if they can't 'sense' any food? )

    2. If we decide to spray that bedroom only, will that drive off the bugs to abandon their nests and move to other rooms in the house?

    3. Can you normally tell how many bugs are there from the number of bites on your body? My mom usually got 3 or 4 bites in a small area (for each bed bug she caught at night). Will a single bed bug bite you continuously in a very short spam ? (Just not sure if she has caught all the bugs that have bitten her

    4. Looks like our house is still in the early stage of bed bug infestation, I would like to hear some tips on how to prevent them from spreading to other areas in the house. My parents are really stubborn and against any idea of bringing in professionals to deal with this issue; so I am just asking for some things we can do (or chemicals we can obtain) on our own.

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