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found a dead bb, have some steaming questions

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  1. neverendingbugs

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Sun Mar 18 2012 15:49:52

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    So I've actually had to dead with BB's twice now, and it looks like a third time for me. I like in a metro housing complex, and it's been never ending problems here. I've heard there is BB problem in the lobby, which is right by my room. I'm not sure if I dragged one in or what. But last night while cleaning I found a dead squished BB in a bag.

    I plan to tell my place, but since this is my second time personally dealing with it in this apartment (and I swear they do not do a good job spraying) I got this shark steamer while I was out->

    I was wondering if anyone had good luck with it? If not whats a good steamer under $100, preferablly closer to $50?

    I also have some questions about bagging stuff up, and preparing for this. I have a lot more now than I had when I first had the problem.

    1. I have a lot of sweaters and delicate things that the dryers here are just too hot for. Last time I tried drying for the recommended 40 mins my place says it ruined some things. Would it be fine if I just steamed my delicates and sweaters then bagged them?

    2. Can shoes be steamed? Or is there any other method that works well? I know I read before some people put them in the oven, but my ovens really crappy so I fear using this method?

    2. I have a crap ton of books.... I mean a crap ton. Way too many to personally treat each one. What's the best way to deal with stuff like that? Or is it better to toss them?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. cilecto

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    Posted 6 years ago
    Mon Mar 19 2012 11:07:00

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    Hi, NEB. I'm sorry that you're struggling with bb, especially possibly ones that other people are shedding as they drag their stuff through the lobby.

    A dryer does not need to be very hot to be effective. Just about 130F (which you can measure with an instant read thermometer in a sample load), but given sufficient time to penetrate. Note that not all experts believe that baking all your things is necessary or effective.

    Regarding steam, here's a video by Jeff White describing how to use it effectively.

    Here's our own FAQ on steam.

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