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  1. nyc1235

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri May 19 2017 0:57:29

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    Alright so i'm currently covered in about 17 itchy bites after the first one May 6th. I was stripping and vacuuming the bed and saw a black bug try to squirm in between the metal bed frame and boxspring. I vacuumed it up and couldn't identify, but it seemed to have back legs.

    My bites had been single but are popping out at random times- I can be away from home 10 hours and I start itching and a few pop up in random places. Most are single.

    We ripped the bed apart which has had both a boxspring and mattress protector on for years. Not much of anything in or around the bed.

    As we speak I have new itchy bumps coming out. My husband has none and I am going to go crazy. I'm sleeping in pants and long sleeves tonight and hoping whatever I sucked up and threw out was the culprit but i'm sure there is never just one bug right??

    What is the next step to figure out what to do if this is an infestation?

  2. frightened

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Fri May 19 2017 11:54:24

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    Here are some instructions on how to search for bedbugs. Have you been staying somewhere else and brought bugs home? When you search be careful to do it quietly and carefully as bedbugs can flee at quite a pace. Have some sticky tape some you can catch anything you find so that you can post a photo for id purposes. Remember what eats poops so there should be signs of faeces. Hope you are lucky and it was something else.

  3. loubugs

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sat May 20 2017 10:10:41

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    Try monitors of various styles: insect, mite, bed bug and see if anything gets captured. You can fold up a napkin, cloth, fan-fold paper (clip ends) to create harborage area and leave these against walls/floors interfaces, next to legs of sofas, upholstered chairs and other items and examine them to see if anything gets in and harbors.
    Read this so you will be able to take pictures and post.

    Professional entomologist/arachnologist. I consult on all matters dealing with insects and arachnids, including those of natural history and biology to pest management and forensic entomology investigations.

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