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Flea traps helped us find our nymphs

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    Fri Aug 12 2011 14:41:44

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    Not sure how truly effective this will be for others but we had set up some flea traps (the ones with lights and sticky paper) in our bedrooms and common rooms because my daughter and I were getting these one off bites and I thought we had fleas. Well we never caught any fleas but when I checked the traps around 10 or 11 pm I noticed several little tan bugs crawling around the floor by the light and coming out of the floor cracks. At that time we never suspected bed bugs because we had only heard about the adult sized ones. The trap caught a few of them and we called our property manager. She had the exterminator come out within a few days to identify them and they immediately said it looked like bed bug nymphs. They confirmed it the next day under a microscope. It's been a few weeks now and we still haven't found any adult sized ones. I did catch a small brown one finally around another flea trap. I also noticed a few days later that there were super tiny red ones crawling around the flea trap with the tan nymphs.

    So might be worth trying since these are cheaper and can last longer than the other monitors I've seen. I did order the Beacon now that we've been treated since I want to make sure we know if we still have any but the flea traps will still be on as well.

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