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Fecal ID please

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  1. allstr999

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Sat Oct 7 2017 23:57:52

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    I had a heat treatment in my bedroom done about 3 weeks ago. The sprayed the rest of my home. I have not seen any evidence of bedbugs since I received the bites which lead me to hire a dog. Never saw fecal or a bug. I had my bedframe wrapped and removed on the morning of the heat treatment to my bedroom.

    Anyways- I woke up to this stain the morning.. it looked more brown.. it basically came it when I wet my finger and rubbed it but I need to know if it’s B.B. fecal or my blood. I don’t want them back!!!!

    First photo is what I saw, second photo is when I smeared it with my nail, third is after I wet my finger and wiped it. All three links are the same spot of the above progression.




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