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Fecal ID... [a: not bed bug fecal]

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  1. mp7ski

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Mon Sep 11 2017 18:57:01

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    Moved out of an infested rental today, loaded 99 percent of our stuff in a moving truck and it's being fumigation now. Brought some clothes treated in a dryer for 2 hour that stays between 150-170°F and our cell phones to the new rental while our stuffs being fumigated... that's pretty much it.

    Was in the process of moving into a rental last month and setting up a fumigation but upon inspecting that rental, found live bed bugs in it... what are the chances.

    Now, as I sit in this house waiting on the rest of our belongings to finish being fumigation, I decided to look around... again. And I found some spots that are round typical fecal spots.

    I have experience with fecal from the old rental... and I'm freaking out. We took extreme precautions coming to this house and have only been in it for a few hours now.

    What I'm wondering is, are there other bugs that produce fecal that look like typical bed bug fecal? I found a few spots on the baseboards and a few in some odd places as well. I've also notice some around the windows that appear too big to be bed bug fecal and appear to be fly droppings.

    I've also found carpet beetle larvae shed skins and beetles that don't look like carpet beetles but another sort of beetle, looks very similar to a pantry beetle.

    Here's the pics...

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  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Tue Sep 12 2017 5:19:34

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    That is not bed bug faecal. The base pigment is too terracotta.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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