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Exposure: Am I doing enough?

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Sun Oct 8 2017 14:03:19

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    Six days ago, on the 2nd, I purchased a couch and chair set from the thrift store I had been working at and put it the patio downstairs for that evening. I brought cushion cover inside to wash and briefly had the cushions on the floor in my garage. I left the cushions on my outside on my driveway for the night and went to bed after running the cushion covers through the dryer along with the clothing I had been wearing.

    The next morning I went to examine the cushions and found two fourth possibly fifth instars crawling on them! I am not an expert, but did suffer an infestation last year at my previous home and wrote twenty-six page research paper on them during the process of treatment. I threw away the cushions and covers and immediately took the trash can down to the curb, followed by moving the couch and chair into my yard away from the house (my property is in a rural area and the yard is very large). I rewashed the clothing that was in the dryer with the cushion covers and have run it through the dryer multiple times, and am in the process of washing all of the fabrics and cloth items that were in my bedroom. I threw away a large amount of clutter that had been in my room and placed most of my possessions in plastic bags (including the shoes I had been wearing which were also left in the garage overnight), but I still have several shelves of books out.

    My bedroom is between the garage and laundry room and I had to walk through it to put the cushions in the washer. I've covered everything in DE and bug bombed the garage, laundry room, my bedroom, and the downstairs room the couch was closest to and plan to bomb again in two weeks. I purchased a mattress protector for my bed, but it has not arrived yet.

    I quit my job at the thrift store directly after finding the bugs, and have been sleeping on the couch in the living room. I live alone, expect for a cat who I am worried my track them back into the house from outside.

    Am I doing enough? If not what else can I do?
    I'm currently unemployed and cannot afford a professional right now.

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