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Expert stain ID Please

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  1. laviolett10

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    Posted 10 months ago
    Fri Oct 6 2017 20:00:16

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    Hi today while cleaning house I found these spots on the baseboards in various parts of the house. Some were in the bedroom on the wall where the bed is located, but I also found them in the kitchen, by the front door, hallway. They smeared with a wet paper towel and were fairly easy to wipe off of the hard surfaces. It seemed most of them were located in corners. Honestly, I have been paranoid about bedbugs since early July, and haven't seen any bugs or anything on the mattresses at all with weekly checks. I'm wondering if these are just from flys or spiders. I never realized how many bugs, spiders, pieces of lint, spots and stains are in one's house until you really start looking!!! Thank You

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