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Do they come out to die like cockroaches??

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Sun Mar 19 2017 21:45:35

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    After a badly infested apartment, I have not seen any live bedbugs for over a year now and was close to coming back here to write a 'success story.' However, I keep finding DEAD bugs in a random corner of my dining room. It's a spot where I had kept some clothes/linens wrapped in plastic for a few weeks because I am not in that area of the apartment much at all, so I'm guessing they escaped one of the bags and hid under the carpet. Now around once a week I find one to two gray, flat, lifeless bedbugs in that same area- for about two months now- a total of probably 20 or so bugs! Obviously, I've been on the look-out for signs of live ones anywhere, but this is all I'm finding.

    My concern, of course, is that if they are appearing there, then though they are dead they were alive a short time before. Do bedbugs come out of hiding to die like cockroaches tend to do? Are they coming out looking to feed and just not making it any farther than that corner before dying? Anyone know or have a similar experience?

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