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do I still have bed bugs? Why do I have red spots?

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  1. helpmepls

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Wed Apr 19 2017 21:34:18

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    I live in a college dorm right now. Around Feb 7th, I discovered a bug on the side of my mattress, and they sent someone who worked in housing to identify it - it was indeed a bed bug, which explained why I had swollen bites on my face. A week later, they did a heat treatment... but for several days and maybe a week or so after the treatment, I kept finding weird bumps or red-ish spots on me (although they weren't itchy and swollen like the bites I had gotten in the past).

    For the past two months, maybe every once in a while I would "discover" a small bump on me, but they last very very shortly and I think they were imagined. Regardless, nothing major happened for roughly two months and I ignored it. But roughly a week ago, I got an itch on my foot with a small red bump. And today, my left leg feels itchy and there is a very, very slight bump. I can't even tell if it's like those itchy, swollen bumps I used to get.

    Do you think I still have bed bugs and that the heat treatment from way back in mid-February failed? Is it possible to imagine these bumps? I feel helpless I don't want to bring home bed bugs when I move out next week (although, I am very paranoid that I already brought something home). Do you think it's possible that they are imagined/a post bed bug stress reaction since these bumps aren't the same, huge itchy bumps that I got when I had confirmed bed bugs?

  2. frightened

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    Posted 12 months ago
    Sun Apr 23 2017 4:54:10

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    We are told that it is possible to get reactions to bedbug bites months later. In my opinion I is an advantage to reacting to bedbug bites because that means if you do get bedbugs again you will react. I suspect you are in the clear as you have no new bites like you used to get. Apparently people do not get used to bedbug bites and react less; they react more.
    Pack up carefully when you leave inspecting everything, this mainly for your own sanity. Anything you think is dodgy can be put theoughh the dryer for 30 mins on hot assuming the items can handle the heat.

  3. Nobugsonme

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    Posted 12 months ago
    Sun Apr 23 2017 23:48:32

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    It may be that bed bugs messed up your skin. I would not panic.

    However, skin reactions are not reliable. You can't assume they are new bites, but you also can't assume they're not. Waiting to see an actual bed bug also isn't the best method for determining if they're present. Someone trained to inspect should look for bed bugs and their signs (new fecal stains are probably the easiest signs to find and will be present if you are being bitten).

    Given that you're in a dorm and had bed bugs before, it might be a good idea to have a pro (or the housing staff who are hopefully trained in this) inspect carefully. They may also be aware if other attached rooms are having trouble currently, so I would definitely get housing involved. If they don't find signs, then that may reassure you.

    If they do find new signs, or if they don't and you are concerned, you can use dryers as frightened suggests, and other methods, to make sure you don't take them home.

    I started and run the site but am "not an expert."

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