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Delayed bite reactions

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    I live in New York City but I am from a little European town and never heard about BB before December 2008, when my ordeal has begun.
    To make a long story short I will just give you a brief description of what I have already passed through.

    After I started seeing scary bites on my body I read an ad on the subway and realized I might be having this BB problem. After a first search I have found a cast skin on my mattress (never been able to catch or even see an alive animal yet) so I have alerted both 311 and my landlord.
    After 5 unsuccessful and painful treatments and about 60 nasty bites all over my body (including my face), I have decided to evacuate my apartment earlier than expected on May 2009.
    To avoid bringing the BB to this new apt I have adopted exceptional safety measures which included:
    - disposal of ALL my furniture (kitchen, living room and of course bedroom)
    - dry wash of EVERYTHING
    - freezing of all my non-disposable belongings in the fridge for 15 days

    I am now in this new apartment and until last month I was a free man again.
    Unfortunately last month (August 2009) I again started noticing very little bites on my body. I initially thought they had to be mosquito bites because they did not itch at all and they were very small. They looked nothing like BB bites which were huge and literally KILLED me (I had to take medications last time).
    But then I realized that some of them lasted longer than mosquito bites (like 3 weeks), and were located in areas unreachable for flying insects. The definitive confirmation that it could not be mosquitoes came when I spotted a CLUSTER made of three close bites perfectly aligned as only BB can do.

    After all the money and all the energy lost because of this problem I literally FREAKED OUT.

    Aftery being notified, my new landlord paid for a PCO inspection which found nothing.
    So, as the PCO recommended, I encased the spring-board and the mattres. On my own initiative I also digged the bed legs in vegetal oil and sprayed the bed frame with deltamethrin.
    I don't sit on the bed anymore and I don't put any sheets that are not straight from the laundry.
    My strategy is: if I can't take them away from the house I will at least keep them away from the bed!

    Unfortunately, even after all these measures, still some bites keep appearing in areas that can be hit only during bed time.
    I also realized that there was another kind of bite, never seen before. This new kind is white, it does not itch (you can feel it... but it does not itch) and IT DISAPPEARS IN JUST 3-4 HOURS. It also comes in clusters and believe me, its not mosquitos or anything. The dislocation on the body resembles exactly the BB bites I had in the past but the do not itch at all.

    Then I found this article on this blog: Bitefest and I got some hope.
    My biggest fear is that these small bites are from BB nymphs but on the article it seems that nymphs bites are as painful as adult bites so I got some hope.
    Between the comments I also eventually stumbled upon this incredible story of an entomologist that under controlled circumstances let the bugs bite his body for research purposes and was positive to claim the effects of DELAYED REACTIONS. Quoting his post:

    Roughly eight weeks after the initial biting I would still show signs from time to time (red dots, splotchiness, etc.).

    It seems that people can experience a delay in the time of the first bite to the time of the reaction from that bite. [...]

    Please keep in mind that my bites still show up in the morning and fade in the afternoon (to almost nothing). I can assure you that I am no longer being bitten.

    Here or there I read about comment of people making the same claims so I got even more hope.
    But is there really room for hope? Do these delayed reactions really exist? Are those cases scientifically proven? Have you ever noticed something like this?

    I hope you have... cause If BB are also in this apt this will be the end of my American Dream... Given the economic situation I will flee the United States and go back to where I came from. If you are allergic the bites as I am you simply cannot live in this country...

    Thank you so much for you help


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