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continued questions after 2nd steam/pesticide treatment-

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    Posted 9 months ago
    Mon Sep 11 2017 16:22:06

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    I had my second (hopefully final) steam/pesticide treatment last week. PCO will come back in 2 weeks to inspect and hopefully give an all clear. I had a few questions that have come up again

    1. Bugs seemed confined to one area on my wooden bed frame in bed room (Now discarded) my living room sofa was treated just in case. For items left out in the living room and far away closets (such has shoes, bags, books)do I need to heat treat those? I have a Zappbug but would take me hours and those things have been sitting out anyway during the treatment....

    2. Im waiting to receive my passive monitor. I know this has been asked multiple times- but when do people comfortable unpacking. My situation is a bit odd as I have to travel abroad to Asia in four weeks and will be gone for two weeks. Would I unpack ziplocs before I leave or wait till I return?

    3. Does anyone heat ziplocs in Zappbug or packtite and reuse? Ive alreadyq spent so much money on bags, monitors etc. I wanted to reuse

    4. Building refuses to inspect neighbors. What are the signs the infestation is coming from a neighbor? The PCO said it was confined to one small area on my wooden frame, havent seen any signs of bugs on walls or anywhere else....I know they could come from anywhere.

    I just want this whole thing to be better and be over.....

    Thanks for your advice and support

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