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Conflicting reports from pest control--help! Please advise!

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  1. BuggedInMinneapolis

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Jun 15 2017 22:05:50

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    I am so frustrated and at my wits' end! I have gotten completely contradictory reports from two different pest control companies, and the bugs are still here!

    Two months ago, at the end of March, I got a couple of bites on my back, and a day or so later I found an adult bed bug crawling on a paper in my son's room. Horrified, I immediately called a local pest control company and had the entire condo unit heat-treated. I notified the building manager and informed him other units should be checked up on, and he said there were no complaints except mine. The heat treatment was followed up with a dusting of DE.

    Everything was going well until the beginning of June, when suddenly, I began to get bites. Within a few days, I was getting bitten every single night, two or three bites a night. It was a strange, and sudden, influx of bug bites! I called the local company, and the bed bug guy said it had to be a new infestation, because if any bugs had survived the heat, I would've been getting bitten all along, in longer intervals, rather than getting a rash of bites all at once. Nonetheless, he agreed to honor the 90 day warranty and re-treat, but insisted on an inspection of adjacent units first. I should add, during all this time, there was never any indication of bed bugs in terms of fecal matter or spots on the mattress; I caught a live one in March, and when I got the sudden influx of bites, I caught another live one by staying up at night and keeping the light on.

    The bed bug guy inspected the units adjacent to mine and found that there was a mattress in the unit above with plenty of fecal spotting on it, though no live bed bugs were to be found. His guess was that the unit owner had sprayed with some DIY method and the bugs had scattered and come to my unit, which would explain both the initial infestation, the re-infestation, and the reason for the sudden influx of bites.

    However, my building manager decided he didn't want to trust the assessment of a local pest control guy, and instead called Plunkett's, a nationwide company, to do a second investigation. The Plunketts guy came and said that the mattress in the upstairs unit did indeed have fecal spotting, but the owner of that unit told him it was old, and the Plunketts guy agreed. Also, he was skeptical that any bugs would be able to move between condo units, since each has its separate HVAC system and no cracks in the walls. Finally, when he came to my unit, he didn't even believe that I had bed bugs, since there were no traces of fecal spots or anything, until I shoved the still-living nymph I'd caught in his face, along with a dead one I found in a climb-up. He told the building manager that he thinks the bugs just survived the heat treatment and they're not related to the upstairs unit.

    I am incredibly frustrated with this, because while it is not impossible, it certainly seems less probable to me. I requested a bed bug dog from yet a third pest control agency to sort the matter, since a bed bug dog will be able to sniff out the bugs in the upstairs unit even if the upstairs person is lying about how long ago they had an infestation. But my building manager is being difficult about bringing a dog in. I even offered to pay the fee for the dog, provided it doesn't find anything in my neighbor's unit.

    My fear is that I'll re-treat, and then the bugs will come back from my stupid neighbor. I just don't know what else to do at this point. I'm still getting bites every night!

  2. mp7ski

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Jun 15 2017 22:17:41

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    If I were you... and this is just me... but if I were you and was met with resistance from the landlord... I'd get firm with him. I'd get legal council and see what my options were on pushing the matter with the landlord and then even possibly threaten him with legal action.

    I am not an expert, any advice I give should be considered as amateur advice and not taken as fact. I mean well with all my posts and try to give back. If you plan on using any of my advice, I suggest doing research into said advice to make sure it is in your best interest.
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  3. bbmom

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    Posted 1 year ago
    Thu Jun 15 2017 23:54:18

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    Why don't you get a dog for your own unit if you are paying for it and have them find out where exactly in your apartment are the sources of infestation. It's helpful to know which furniture exactly is infested and where to target steam and pesticide application. Maybe it's even possible for K9 to detect presence in the walls or plumbing?

    K9 detection is also not 100% accurate, there are false positives, just so that you are aware.

    As far as your neighbor's unit, fecal stains is considered a visual sign of bedbug presence and just based on that many PCOs would treat. If your neighbor claims that the stains are from older infestation, which has been eliminated, why is his mattress not encased in bedbug proof cover? usually this is what happens as part of treatment. Ask him to provide proof that it was professionally treated, he must have receipts somewhere.

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