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Compensation for scars caused by bites from negligent landlord

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    Fri Dec 1 2017 10:15:15

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    I'm left with awful leg and ankle scars that are so obviously bed bug scars. My landlord (public housing) put me in a room with a severe infestation he just carpeted over. I lost thousands in furniture and clothes as up moved with a minimal amount of clothes I washed and dried for 5 hours. I didn't take books, nothing. Tv cleaned and coffee machine cleaned and a new bed with encasment. I have lost so much and to have lasting scars I'm furious. How can I treat them and could I reasonably ask for some compensation? Has anyone had laser on the scars or used a topical ? I bought giovane scar treatment and hope it helps. I'm so depressed and feel like I'll be judged for life by anyone that knows what bbug bites look like. It's embarrassing. I've topped off dept of health and worksafe for having an untrained pest controller there as their "treatment". They are also my employer so I know a lot about those dodgy ways. Sadly I've become a victim of it as a tenant too. So glad at least I am 16 days with no bite or bug or skin sighting thus far and spray temprid 75 (undiluted) daily to be safe. (Don't recommend that for health reasons but I'm desperate. It made me cough up blood im quite sure) it seems to be working or I was careful enough not to have moved them with me so far. Let's hope!

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