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Chemical vs Thermal in Houston

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    Tue Nov 30 2010 20:52:16

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    Hey guys,

    Been reading alot of your stuff the last few days and it has been very educational. My wife has been eaten alive by bedbugs for about a week now mostly but we haven't found any physical evidence yet. However we stayed with relatives recently and we discovered on the day we left that it had a major bedbug infestation so the two events couldn't be a coincidence.

    So I've been researching some places around Houston and found that most PCO prefer chemically treating. I've spoken with the technician at Nature's Own and felt pretty good about them they seem to know their stuff and I grilled them pretty good. However they have a 6 month guarantee and they claim to never had to a second treatment because the residuals usually kill hatchlings which I'm still a little incredulous of. Finally, they didn't really do a good job of giving me a clear idea what was entailed in prepping the house outside of cleaning and sealing my clothes (to which I asked, "okay, but how do I keep them from getting into the bag as I put them away?" He had to think about that for a moment). So to make sure I had everything I asked him to email me a list.

    Then I talked with Texas Thermal and had a good chat with the man in charge there. They seemed new as a company (which makes sense since the technology is new) and he was very knowledgable about what was involved. He even said given my situation (newly infested fairly isolated) that chemical treating might be the best route as opposed to thermal which would be much more costly to do (well to do it right anyway). However being one of the few thermal treaters in the area he was extremely busy and they were booked pretty solid. On the other hand he encouraged me to call again if I had any other questions and I think that I shall continue to call them as I treat my house.

    I just wanted to throw this out there since there wasn't too many hits on the forum about bed bug PCOs in Houston. I encourage others to share their experiences since it'll be helpful to sort out who knows their stuff.

    By the way, does anyone have any tips on pre-treatment bagging? I thought that the most effective way would be to wash, dry, and bag them offsite and then after treatment throw the bag into the dryer to make doubly sure you go everything.

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