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chance of getting bed bugs?

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  1. Lea098

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Mon Sep 2 2013 7:58:34

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    Hi all,

    My uncle just discovered he has a bed bugs in his house. He probably brought them home 2,5 months ago from abroad. Soon after he came home he noticed a small brown bugs in his flat but had no idea its a bed bug. He bought some bugs killer or something from drug store but obviously he couldnt rid them off. He travelled a lot so he wasnt in his flat often but he noticed quite a lot of bites on his arms (thought its from mosquitos). The thing is, he visited me a couple of weeks ago for almost 2 weeks. Of course he had a suitcase with clothes with him and suitcase was under my bed all the time. I didnt noticed anything like bites on my skin or bugs when he was at my place and I left house 4 days after his visit as i went on holidays. What are the odds my house is infected by now? Or is there ever a chance it isnt? Im really worried as i learned some people dont get any skin reaction so the fact i didnt have any marks on my skin means nothing. Or maybe the eggs was on his clothes and just didnt have enough time to hatch? Im getting really frustrated, i moved into that house just recently and i really dont have time nor finance in the case the bed bugs are there my holidays are ruined, the only thing i can think about are bed bugs in my house and after all the information i found online i think it would be miracle if they arent there. The worst thing is that im on holidays 4 more weeks and this waiting is killing me

  2. bed-bugscouk

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    Posted 4 years ago
    Mon Sep 2 2013 8:17:14

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    I am going to spin this one around a little and hopefully show you a different way of thinking about this.

    Yes its possible be brought bedbugs alone for the ride, yes its also possible he took them away with him, the reality is that unless you take steps to find out you are relying on the issue getting bad enough that its easy to find and confirm.

    The better logic would be to work through the FAQ's and useful tools sections so that you know what signs to look for and then to use a Passive Monitoring strategy for early detection. The main advantage being that if you do have an issue you can extend that protocol out to "treatment by Passive Monitor replacement" which is a valid way of resolving a light infestation at minimal cost and disruption to your home.

    You will hopefully also find the information and knowledge empowering so that you can divert the "energy" from stress / what if's and anxiety into an action plan that will help you get through this quickly.

    Hope that helps.

    David Cain
    Bed Bugs Limited

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